Security Services

AIM Security & Facility Services is positioned as the Leading Professionally Managed Security Service Provider that offers a wide range of Security Services in India. Strong workforces of well-trained security personnel render services round the clock towards the common objective of protecting assets, property, and life. AIM’s unique position in the industry is the reflection of its responsive attitude and high standards of services.

Security Services provided by AIM Security

AIM Security provides smartly uniformed, highly trained and well-supervised Security Guards for the security and safety of assets, personnel, and property. Guarding Services are carried out by ways of provision of guards for static posts and mobile / Night patrolling for all types of premises.

Roles and Responsibilities of Security Personnel

every job has its specific right, roles, procedures, and responsibilities. Staff performs a number of roles designed to protect both premises and personnel. Common concierge security responsibilities include:

  • Patrolling the site, checking for signs of unauthorised access
  • Maintaining strict no-smoking policies
  • Remaining highly visible to act as a deterrent for anyone looking to vandalise property
  • Unlocking and locking doors, gates and windows and specified times
  • Arranging for the delivery and storage of materials on-site
  • Checking that all contractors have the right passes to enter the building
  • Making sure that delivery vehicles park in the correct bays
  • Logging details of guests who park on the premises or visit occupants


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