Landscaping / Horticulture Services

AIM Facility Services is an umbrella organization for landscape-related services, Representing all aspects of the landscape services industry, AIM’s many divisions provide a full range of inter-related products and services (Landscaping, Hardscaping, Landscape Architecture and Design, Golf Course and Sport Grounds, Plant and Turf Nursery, Florists, Plant Rentals, Landscape and Turf Care Machinery).

Landscaping / Horticulture Services provided by AIM Facility Services

Each division employs qualified and experienced personnel skilled in their own particular disciplines and committed in providing the highest quality service to their clients. Additionally, we believe in training our employees and keeping them updated with latest developments in the market. This also allows AIM Facility Service to retain flexibility, respond promptly to rapid market changes and retain an edge over its competition.

AIM landscaping and horticultural services include

Gardening and Landscaping services are rendered by experienced designers who work towards developing a master plan, which is both functional & visually pleasing. Before actual commencement of work we provide our customers with full scale drawing as well as itemized estimate sheet detailing the exact process.

  • Yard maintenance
  • Pruning and cultivating of fruits, flowers, vegetables, trees
  • Installation of sod, the planting of trees, flowers or shrubs
  • Weeding, mowing, brush removal
  • Installation of paths, tables, benches, fences, and retaining walls
  • Installation of sprinkler systems, pools, and fountains
  • Application of pesticides and herbicides
  • Leveling of land and tree trimming


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