CCTV Instalation & Surveillance

At AIM Security, we provide surveillance services in different locations all around Mumbai. We also offer event-recording services at these locations. As per normal, offenders are discouraged from engaging in any illegal activity when they notice that a mobile CCTV unit is stationed close by. This is why a mobile CCTV unit like that AIM Security provides is necessary.

CCTV Instalation & Surveillance provided by AIM Security

Aim Security end-to-end surveillance technology service detects, captures, analyses and reports instantly from customer security assignments via a secure platform. Internet-enabled, strategically located camera units monitor customer premises around the clock. Real-time, AI-enhanced images are analyzed 24 hours a day by a dedicated monitoring team, reporting suspicious activity to the AIM’s control room. If a threat is verified our professionals, and customers receive a full report once any problems are solved.

AIM Security CCTV System Advantages

Our Camera Surveillance Service can be installed anywhere on private property to counter a wide range of security threats and risks, as well as Facilities Management (FM) needs.

  • Motion activated – advanced motion sensor detection
  • Covert operation – infrared LED day/night mode
  • Solar-powered – no external power needs
  • Cloud-based – mobile data network connected, secure data storage
  • Weather-proof – IP-rated ruggedised units withstand extreme conditions
  • HD – high definition image capture of intruder
  • 24/7 monitored – images assessed by humans with AI support
  • 24/7 managed – suspicious activity investigated by licensed security professionals
  • Professionally installed – low impact to SSAIB standards
  • Flexible – surveillance easily adapted to site changes
  • Private space monitoring – assured GDPR and Surveillance Camera Commissioner compliance


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