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About AIM Security & Facility Services

Our Vision is to protect lives and assets making sure we value them most. Our motive is one roof providing multiple quality services at the best and most competitive prices. Experienced and confident in customer handling and service industry we believe in complete and clear satisfaction given to all our customers regardless of the given Security is one most important thing everyone in the world is always concerned about. It is diversified to the thoughts and needs of the social, national, and cyber needs of today’s time.

Licensed & Insured

AIM Security & Facility Services is a fully licensed and insured agency in Maharashtra.

Armed & Unarmed

Our fully trained uniformed guards are available armed and unarmed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our security guards are 100% certified.

Trained & Certified

Our security guards and other staff are put through rigorous training to handle any situation.

Custom Solutions

At AIM Security & Facility Services, we provide professional facility services customized to fit each individual client and business. Call now to get started.


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